Saturday, March 9, 2013

Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Topaz

Topaz is a powerful stone for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In spiritual sense this stone brings love and peace. As a healing stone it can help with blood disorders, promotes rejuvenation, and helps in curing endocrine problems, thrombosis and asthma.

Blue Topaz Stones will heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself in a meaningful way, both when speaking or when writing.

Golden Topaz is a powerful stone for manifestation of personal intentions and desires, through the will. It is a solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra stone and will assist the health of both areas. This is a stone for friendship... and will attract helpful people into your life.

Mystic topaz can be used to enhance a meditation session by creating a smooth atmosphere. It can help you see your spiritual path and access your inner resources. The gemstone might help enable mental travel and remote viewing, where you achieve trance states, higher levels of awareness and understanding.

Yellow Topaz is a stone to manifest your intentions, in alignment with Divine Will. This beautiful stone is a November birthstone, and it makes lovely jewelry.


Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Chakra: Use the particular color of topaz that relates to that particular area
Element: sun
Planet: Jupiter

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